Renews Your Weathered Roof at a

Fraction of The Cost of Roof Replacement

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Témoignage Rexoseal 2 ans après 

Rexoseal  After 5 Years

Tent Trailer Roof Restoration 

New Brunswick RV Roof Restoration

Replacing a Roof in Bath PA USA

"I have taken the trailer on a short trip

and it rained most of the time. i found

no leaks and was very impressed in

​the ease of this product!"

Rexoseal system by Les As du VR

Restoring an RV roof by Campeur Frederic in Quebec

Restoring an RV roof in France

Replacing an RV roof in Texas

Rv Rubber Roof Repair - motor home roof repair - Trailer roof repair

Hello, Anthony.
I am sending you pictures from my phone as I can't get the pictures to download from my phone to the computer.  I was ill the weekend that I started it, and got the prep started on Friday evening the 2nd weekend I got it, got the rest of the prep and a first coat on and sealed as we were expecting some rain.  Not much rain, but due to being sick I was unable to do any more for 4 days.  
I rewashed the top, did a few more places I didn't like the look of and recoated it.  Let is sit for 3 more days, washed and dried, 3 more coats and SO happy with it.  Amazing how much cooler it was to work on after the initial coat even with hotter temperatures.  At 72 degrees you could see the heat rising off the roof before I coated it the first time and extremely uncomfortable to work on.  After the 1st coat the temperatures were into the 80's and I was able to work on it comfortably.  
I did the entire job myself, and I am 62 1/2 years old,

so most people should be able to do this.  Great stuff!
I LOVE this stuff, so happy that I got it.  

Replacing an RV roof in Nova Scotia